The Corporate Sustainability Innovation for a Responsible Transition



We provide CSR assesments to analyse, monitor and report the performance of your company and supply chains.

We support you to structure, collect and disclose environmental and social information for your non-financial reporting.

We use the Air.e HdC Software to calculate your Carbon Footprint by analysing the Greenhouse Gas emissions related to products, services and organisations.


The Solution


The CSR assessement is conducted through an Online Collaborative Platform that connects buyers and suppliers.

Sustain-in delivers a custom build methodology that is alligned to International Reporting Standards (Global Reporting Initiative, ISO and GHG Protocol) and National and International Laws to:

  • Verify the scope of a company
  • Identify the sector specific risks
  • Analyse internal policies, measures and results
  • Generate a comprehensive report
  • Define and implement new CSR actions




  • CSR assessments for Companies and Supply Chains
  • Enhance your legal compliance
  • Data Collection
  • Carbon Footprint Calculation
  • Identify areas of improvements
  • Reduce environmental and social impacts




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